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The press staff members are kindly asked to meet the following regulations during the time of the Csákvár football matches:

  • Do not enter the play-field before, during and after the match.
  • Do not enter the teams’ dressing rooms at all.
  • Stay, carry their work and communicate only in the areas allocated for them before leaving the stadium.
  • Do not take any personal recording (photo, moving pictures, video, MMS) for the public/or for any online or mobile communications company before, during and after the match other than the medium, by which they are accredited.
  • Cameramen shall use the bibs/vests appropriately that is over their upper clothing and shall return them to the authorized personnel after the match is over.
  • Consider the interests of AQVITAL FC Csákvár and do not cover the advertisement-boards placed out for the match but let them always be completely visible.
  • Always accept the requests of the security service personnel: do never block or detain the operations of the personnel wearing bib/vest or those of the police by moving, behaving and clothing.

Other relevant regulations

  • Accredited personnel can take their designated places reserved inside the sports field only on the day of the event at the earliest on hour before the kick-off time. Should they deviate from that, they accept and acknowledge the relevant measures by the security service staff.
  • The accredited personnel accept AQVITAL FC Csákvár’s regulations applied on the sports field and rules of accreditation.
  • Any accreditation shall only the person accredited; the same accreditation shall not be used by any other individual.
  • The tickets received upon entrance shall be shown for control upon the request of the security service staff.
  • Entrance cards cannot be used for another match.
  • No media accreditation shall be valid for the areas used by the club management, players and VIP-guests unless having separately been approved.


AQVITAL FC Csákvár shall be entitled to refuse access of any unauthorized individual with accreditation. In case of participation in any affray or disturbance, the club shall turn the one out of doors and may initiate a case against the individual concerned.