Legal information


  1. It is forbidden to enter the area of the sports field with crackers, explosives, fire arms, bottles, sticks, knives, cash-register receipt paper rolls, stones or any other objects that may risk safety!
  2. It is forbidden to enter the area of the sports field any notices, banners that may raise hate speech or any other illegal authoritarian symbols!
  3. No individual attending the event may keep objects or devices that in the possession of which such individual shall under the law be considered as being armed in the event!
  4. It is forbidden to enter the area of the sports any spirits!
  5. No individuals being drunk or under the effect of any drugs even holding valid entrance tickets shall be permitted to enter the area of the sports field!
  6. It is strictly forbidden to throw anything in the entire area of the sports field!
  7. It is only those who are not under the legal effect of barring or ban can enter the area of the sports field.
  8. In case of deliberate affray and malicious mischief, the principal(s) may be run in and may be called to account both personally and materially under the law!
  9. Holders of entrance tickets and season tickets hereby acknowledge that upon entrance and during the sports event, the organisers shall be entitled to continuously control whether the stipulations in points 1-4 are met!
  10. In case of any breach to the field regulations, it is the responsibility of the organising body to move the disturbers out of the area of the sports field and in case of more serious acts in contravention of the law, also to ask for police support!
  11. Purchasing tickets shall be considered as entering contract by the visitors and Csákvári Torna Klub, the subject of which shall be keeping the field regulations.

Based on the Law of 2004. /I.:

  • The organisers shall be entitled to examine the participants’ clothing and belongings,
  • To avoid entry of forbidden objects and devices,
  • To move out of the sports event those who act in contravention of the law,
  • In order to maintain physical and material safety of the participants, the organiser shall be entitled to monitor the subject area with applied surveillance and keep records of monitoring.

The event shall be visited at the visitors’ own responsibility; children under the age of 14 years may only visit and stay at the event with the attendance of an adult.

Entry may be denied from individuals being drunk or under the effect of any drugs. It is forbidden to enter any especially dangerous devices (e.g. pyrotechnical devices) and such objects and devices considered as dangerous by the Organiser such as anti-Semite and authoritarian symbols either put up, worn or verbally presented. All visitors breaching the rules of participation shall be moved out of the site and delivered to the authorities.

Upon purchasing the entrance ticket, visitors acknowledge that the event is subject to sound and moving picture recording, which appear on the websites of the sports facility and their media partners as well as in other media channels of the same. All participants who appear in the records may be named only with his/her consent but he/she shall not be entitled to any claim against the manufacturer of the records or against the organisers of the event.

Visitors are markedly asked to purchase entrance tickets exclusively at the official ticket desks, not to let his/her purchased tickets be copied or reproduced in any other ways for fakers and those using fake tickets will be criminally proceeded. It is the Organiser who shall be responsible for the service purchased with the ticket. The organiser shall effect liability insurance for all participants.