The stadium and the sports hall were started to be built at the same time in 1979 and thank to the social team, the sports centre was completed by 1983. The opening match was watched by 1,500 spectators although in the 1980s, the average number of spectators was just 600 at the home matches. Originally, only one stand served with seats, the spectators were mainly standing around the pitch. In 1996, by the affects of the developments, the sports centre was enriched by a new stand and dressing rooms.  After fifteen years, in 2011 thank to the frameworks of the Company Tax Law significant construction works were carried out at infrastructure development.

Currently 4 stands serve to host the spectators:

  1. The home stand is located as attached to the sport hall building; its capacity is 380.
  2. Above the dressing rooms and beside the players outlet is the home Ultras’ stand with 150 seats located.
  3. The VIP-box lurking between the above mentioned 2 stands has the limited capacity of 20 seats.
  4. The separated visitors’ stand has its own entrance from the Damjanich – and Vöröskapu streets corner across the park. The stand is located in the Northern side of the pitch behind the goal and its seats 200 supporters.




There are three pitches currently operating in the stadium. The cover of the central field is of course natural, its current size is 105 x 64 m, it is equipped with electronic telegraph-board and irrigation system, however lighting is not installed yet.

Beside the central field is an official training pitch (100x62m) with artificial cover. Further, East of the central field is a new 20x60m size training field was created, which has natural lawn cover and irrigation system as well.