Club Name: Aqvital FC Csákvár
League: NB II.- second division
Seat: 8083 Csákvár, Vöröskapu utca 14.
Founded: 1947
Official colours: blue-yellow
President: Nagy Sándor
Stadium: Tersztyánszky Ödön Sports Centre

The Club was founded in 1947 with the name “Csákvári Torna Klub”, which has currently been running several departments. Besides the most popular football department, among others, successful ones include table tennis and handball. These days, the activities of the Leisure Time Sports Department have become more and more significant among the local population.

In 1989, the Csákvár Football Team marched into the final of Szabad Föld-National Cup: the opponent Körmendi Dózsa MTE could only win the final with a single goal over our team of the fifth division at that time. Head coach Czipóth Pál’ line up of the team was: Kardos . – Pula (Szabó L.), S. Molnár, Magyar – Szmolka J. (Schneider), Váli J., Gulyás G., Gulyás J. – Takács, Fekete, Magosi.

Our football team wrote history in 2011: in a unique way, the team won the First Division League of Fejér County without losing a single point in the entire season like no other team ever in the history of the league since1951. At the same time, both our youth team as well as our other team in the County’s 3rd Division became champions. In the following season, our first team finished first in NB III-National 3rd Division, then finished in 9th position of 16 teams of the two-grouped NBII –National 2nd Division in the 2012-13 season. This however meant relegation unluckily due to the forthcoming reduction of the number of teams in the national 2nd Division. Our struggle in the 3rd Div. did not linger: the team coached by head coach Bognár György won the Western Group of National 3rd Div. with large domination in spring 2014 and promoted to the National 2nd Div. right away.

The current field and the belonging service building were originally built in 1979. Mester István has inevitable credit in the completion of the sports centre. He managed to create appropriate infrastructure even for the current club operations at that time without a Penny, solely leaning on the donations from the building industry and social intervention. The initiation ceremony took place in 1983; the opening match was played with Tatabányai Bányász before several thousands of spectators. In the facility seating 2,500 spectators, the gate record dates back to 1997, when the Csákvári TK and the Hungarian International “A” Team played a booming match before full house.

The sports field has been the venue of several international football matches. The World Cup second Australian Women’ International team played their first Hungarian match against the Hungarian Women’ International team, and the Hungarian U15- International Team played their match against Sweden here and we hosted the Lawyers’ World Cup in May, 2014, too. The facility has also hosted various national championships and international events as well: Cross-country Running National Championship four times and Orienteering once. Our biggest event so far was the five-day 25th Hungária Kupa – International Orienteering competition in 2000, with the participation of over 1,300 athletes from 22 countries.

The Sports Centre– following a general renovation in 2004 – was named after Tersztyánszky Ödön Olympic Champion born in Csákvár. From 2011, thank to the Company Tax Facilities big changes took place in the field: a new artificial training pitch was built, the central field was covered with new lawn by spring 2014 and lighting appropriate for evening matches was installed. Moreover, the central field was equipped with electronic telegraph-board, the number of seats on the stands was increased and by the start of the 2014-15 season, the canopy of the dressing room was completed as well.

Developments did not end by the above steps. In August 2014 we launched our project under the title “Stadium in the Stadium. We contacted the clubs of the top four European leagues as well as those of the Hungarian 1st Division asking each of them to grant us one seat with their club logo. Therefore, once the new stand is complete, we will have managed to seat the supporters of Real Madrid and Barcelona, Manchester United and ManchesterCity, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, Milan and Inter or just those of Ferencváros and Újpest next to one other.

The stadium and the sports hall were started to be built at the same time in 1979 and thank to the social team, the sports centre was completed by 1983. The opening match was watched by 1,500 spectators although in the 1980s, the average number of spectators was just 600 at the home matches. Originally, only one stand served with seats, the spectators were mainly standing around the pitch. In 1996, by the affects of the developments, the sports centre was enriched by a new stand and dressing rooms.  After fifteen years, in 2011 thank to the frameworks of the Company Tax Law significant construction works were carried out at infrastructure development.

Currently 4 stands serve to host the spectators:

  1. The home stand is located as attached to the sport hall building; its capacity is 380.
  2. Above the dressing rooms and beside the players outlet is the home Ultras’ stand with 150 seats located.
  3. The VIP-box lurking between the above mentioned 2 stands has the limited capacity of 20 seats.
  4. The separated visitors’ stand has its own entrance from the Damjanich – and Vöröskapu streets corner across the park. The stand is located in the Northern side of the pitch behind the goal and its seats 200 supporters.




There are three pitches currently operating in the stadium. The cover of the central field is of course natural, its current size is 105 x 64 m, it is equipped with electronic telegraph-board and irrigation system, however lighting is not installed yet.

Beside the central field is an official training pitch (100x62m) with artificial cover. Further, East of the central field is a new 20x60m size training field was created, which has natural lawn cover and irrigation system as well.