End of the match: Aqvital FC Csákvár-Szeged 0-1 (0-0)

Feltoltve: 2014.szeptember 15

by: jozsef.gelei

uploaded: 12 September 2014

Our team is playing the next match in the fifth round of NBII at 19 o’ clock tonight. Live report of the match is as follows:

The medical team managed to “fix” Gajdos Zsolt who suffered shoulder and rib injury last week against SZTK so our centre forward undertakes playing against the Tisza River-side opponent of tonight. From the first eleven of last week Köntös Dániel and Molnár Tibor are out, they are replaced by Hajdú Sándor and Imrik László in the line up. On the other side, head coach Nyilas Elek also changes two positions, Tímár Krisztián is back from his ban and Manga Zsolt receives credit too. The all day long rain left track on the number of spectators – only half of the usual – as well as on the pitch, which on certain plots is quite spouty.

Aqvital FC Csákvár-Szeged 0-1 (0-0)

Csákvár, 500 spectators ref.: Nazsa Tamás (Tőkés, Vígh-Tarsonyi)

Csákvár: Gelei V. – Ambrus, Kocsis G., Dulló, Hajdú S. – Domján – Varga Z., Imrik, Bakos Sz., Molnár Cs. – Gajdos. Head coach: Bognár György.

Szeged: Molnár F. T. – Kéri, Farkas M., Tímár, Mészáros – Máté, Oláh G. – Szabó P., Manga, Zelenyánszky  - Oláh L. Head coach: Nyilas Elek.

One match has been played of the fifth round of NBII: Kaposvár slightly surprisingly won 3-1 over Vasas the team so far losing no point at all.

1’: The match starts, our team is in the usual yellow-blue kit, while the visitors are in full white on the pitch.

3’: great chance missed by our side: a long cross sticks in the water inside the penalty area so that Varga Zoltán reaches the ball before goalkeeper Molnár, then passes back from the base-line but Gajdos – from the goal area- hits Tímár shifting in on the goal line.

11’: again, a great chance missed by our team: Molnár Csaba slips in front of Varga Zoltán inside the penalty area, our winger gets round the attacking Farkas with a dribble then shoots from five meters but goalkeeper Molnár finely saves on corner.

13’: Mészáros Márk twists the ball from the left side line of the home half of the pitch to the goal area to make Szabó Péter drift in and just miss the crossing.

Visitors watch a definitely dynamic match with both teams trying hard to play, which is appreciated by the spectators.

24’: The first mistake by the referee: Farkas Márk pulls down Molnár Csaba turning off him at the half-line, no yellow card is shown.

28’: We just carried it off: Szabó Péter shoots to the middle from the right side Oláh Lóránd arriving from off- side on the near post strikes into it so scoring in vain after Gelei Vince’s fine first save for the referee voids the goal.

35’: Oláh Lóránt’s 20 meters shot is firmly saved by Gelei.

37’: Imrik twist-crosses the ball in front of the goal from the left side line from 35 meters, Dulló Martin being disturbed by no one heads from the goal area but his header is too weak and goalkeeper Molnár easily catches the ball.

41’: Another opportunity missed by our team: Bakos’s left corner is headed by Kocsis Gábor towards the goal but Farkas bursting in manages to clear.

End of the first half.

46’: into the second half: we substituted in the break, Molnár Csaba is replaced by Mihály Dávid.

49’: Manga’s right corner kick gets just over Tímár’s head bursting in in the middle.

51’: Great firework I front of the Szeged goal however, Varga Zoltán’s and Mihály Dávid’s shots get blocked by the defenders.

55’: the ball gets from Mészáros in front of Imrik, who hits from the right corner on goal but it gets slightly over the bar.

57’: Oláh Lóránt dribbles on the left wing towards the middle and shoots from 22 meters just wide of the right post.

60’: substitution on both sides, Varga Zoltán gets replaced by Horváth Roland and Manga Zsolt by Pászka Lóránd to carry on.

62’: Bakos Szabolcs tries to play a trick on the Szeged goalkeeper shooting the free kick just five meters from the base line on goal but the ball gets over the bar.

65’: finishing a quick Szeged attack Oláh Lóránt passes on goal from 10 meters; Kocsis can still stick into it so the ball gets to corner. Szabó Péter’s corner kick is headed home by Oláh Gergő from 7 meters 0-1.

71’: Imrik gets replaced by Molnár Tibor in our team.

Szeged seems more massive these minutes; its shaft is run by more routine – Tímár, Máté, Oláh L. – leading the team to play more and more confidently.

75’: Kéri’s crossing is hit masterfully by Zelenyánszky back to the goal in the air just missing.

76’: Szeged substuitutes: Zerlenyánszky gets replaced by Markovic.

79’: this one of Tímár’s several elbow hits is now punished with yellow card.

80’: we missed a chance to equalize: Molnár Tibor turns on goal at the left corner of the goal area but his shot is greatly saved by Molnár.

86’: Kéri Tamás receives yellow card for pulling Hajdú Sándor down.

90’: Gajdos’s cross-hit ball is touched by Farkas’s hand inside the penalty area but the referee let it on to play. .

92’: the last substitution: Oláh Lóránt is replaced by Kovács Balázs.

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