Final score: Aqvital FC Csákvár-Szigetszentmiklós 1-1 (1-1)

Feltoltve: 2014.szeptember 7

By: jozsef.gelei

Uploaded: 5 September 2014

Our teams’ current fixture of tonight at 19:00 is at home against Szigetszentmiklós. The online report of the match is in the following:

LIVE report:

94’:End of the match.
92’: foul by Osváth against Molnár Csaba inside the penalty area – penalty given. Bakos Szabolcs’ s shot hits the right post – penalty missed.
90’:Szepessy gets replaced by Fekete Ádám for Szigetszentmiklós.
88’:Pollák Zoltán gets yellow card for knocking down Domokos.
82’:Barcsay’s free kick crossing is headed by Hevesi-Tóth Tamás risky over the base line.
78’:Mihály Dávid gets away on easy goal at the right side of the penalty area, two players await his crocking in the middle but Osváth knocks our winger down. The Szigetszentmiklós defender should be grateful to the referee for carrying off with just a yellow card.
74’:Kállai Norbert gets yellow card for a vfoul.
74’: Bognár György applies his last substitute: Varga Zoltán is replaced by Barcsay Márk. Meanwhile the visitors’ injured goalkeeper Horváth László is taken by the ambulance.
72’:Kollega’s sharp, 16 meter shot is confidently saved by Gelei Vince.
68’:Mihály Dávid crosses masterfully to the middle from the left corner; Varga Zoltán flies in vain, the ball is just wide.
62’:Domokos Bálint’ 18 meters hit is just over the bar.
59’:Szepessy’s right side crossing is headed down by Hevesi-Tóth on the left side of the goal area, Szabó Bence would turn on goal but the ball bounces up just before Kollega, who breaks the ball from a 3 steps distance.
56’:Visitors substitute too: Jasarevic gets replaced by Kollega Krisztián.
55’:We substitute: Molnár Tibor is replaced by Domokos Bálint.
54’:Dulló Martin gets yellow card for knocking down Jasarevic.
51’:Molnár Tibor gets round Pollák at the right side base line but his play back is wrong so the chance is over.
46’:We substitute at half time, Gajdos Zsolt gets replaced by Mihály Dávid.
45’:Nice corner variation is followed by Dulló’ header from 6 on goal, Sánta hits the ball over the bar finely.
45’:Gajdos Zsolt’s 18 meter shot first gets blocked by Tóth Ferenc, then the repeat gets hit over the bar by Sánta András.
45’:Referee shows three minutes extra time.
42’:Visitors’ keeper Horváth László sits fown on the ground while the game is stopped, It seems his previous bump into Gajdos Zsolt is not over, the keeper shows pain in his head while leaving the pitch. He gets replaced by Sánta András to keep SZTK’s goal.
37’:Gajdos Zsolt accelerates with a long pass towards the box and gets hit by Horváth László bursting out of the goal; the referee saw no reason to stop the action!
35’:Molnár Csaba gets bored of shuffling and shoots from 25 meters to score by hitting the cross bar, 1-1
31’:Kocsis’s fifty meters crossing is taken by Varga Zoltán masterfully on the left corner of the box then lifts to the middle whereas Molnár Tibor as well as Gajdos Zsolt are turned over in the squeeze of the defenders.
28’:Kocsis Gábor’s short pass thrills our supporters nerves but Gelei moving out of the penalty area and clears the ball away Szabó Bence.
27’:The first half of the first half is spent and the match is according to what the visitors wish so far. The physically much stronger team of Kállais wins all duels so far and this attitude does not taste well to our players.
24’:Ambrus, Molnár Tibor, Gajdos Zsolt was the order of passing but the opportunity gets over-complicated and was followed by no shot on goal.
23’:Kvekveskiri masterfully shoots the ball crossing to the middle from the left base line, Jasarevic flies in the air facing the goal but the ball shoots past his head.
19’:Our defenders clear short, Kállai Norbert hits the left corner of the goal from 20 meters, however Gelei Vince was stretching, he could not reach the ball, 0-1.
16’:Gajdos fnely crosses from the left corner but the ball is just high for Molnár Tibor.
14’:Bakos Szabolcs’s free kick gets cleared short by the Szigetszentmiklós defenders, Varga Zoltán repeates right away from 20 meters but the defenders block the ball.
11’: Gajdos accelerates with Gelei Vince’s long kick-out, heels back from the box before Bakos Szabolcs who shoots over the goal from 18 meters.
8’:Szepessy passes from the half-way line to Szabó Bence moving on the left wing, who gets round the attacking keeper Ambrus, then passes wide of the right corner of the goal in clearest chance with the ball even touching our defender.
1’:Match starts. Our team is in traditional yellow-Blue striped shirt and blue short, while the visitors are in whole white kit.
 One hour prior to kick off the two head coaches revealed their first elevens. Following the Tuesday League Cup matches, goalkeeper Gelei Vince who saved finely remained in the first eleven as well as our new player, Kocsis Gábor is given credit by Bognár György head coach. Quite the opposite is the attitude of the visitors’ head coach Vágó Attila who insisting on his former idea did not change his first eleven of his team winning against Zalaegerszeg.

Aqvital FC Csákvár-Szigetszentmiklós 0-0

Csákvár, referee: Veizer Roland (Horváth R., Kiss B.)

Csákvár: Gelei V. – Ambrus, Kocsis G., Dulló, Köntös – Domján – Molnár Cs., Bakos, Varga Z. – Molnár T., Gajdos. Head coach: Bognár György.

Szigetszentmiklós: Horváth L. Osváth, Tóth F., Vágó L., Pollák – Kállai N. – Jasarevic, Hevesi-Tóth, Szepessy, Kvekveskiri – Szabó B. Head Coach: Vágó Attila.

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